About Us

Arrington Ranch is Located in Southwest Montana’s famous Beaverhead Valley, just outside of Twin Bridges. The ranch is bordered by the Madison River and provides over 1000 acres of natural grass pastures for our cattle to graze.

Arrington Ranch, owned and operated by Brian Arrington, is the culmination of a dream, which began more than 20 years ago. Brian’s passion for farming, ranching, and the outdoor lifestyle began at a young age, as he was fortunate enough to spend his summers working on his grandfather’s dairy farm in Snohomish, Washington.

Brian’s passion led to the purchase of farm and ranch properties in both Nebraska and Wyoming where he continued to soak in all the knowledge he could by working with established professionals in the industry.
Both those properties were sold and a decision was made to establish a new headquarters in SW Montana along with a residence on property for his family.


Our Passion

Arrington Ranch specializes in providing exceptional American Wagyu and Angus Beef raised in the natural, open pastures of Montana. We pride ourselves in raising our cattle in a holistic and humane fashion, using farming and grazing practices that allow our cattle to thrive in a natural environment. Our goal is to supply an exceptional product that our customer’s can feel good about eating.